Hello all ,
              Today i will talk about a term Flowers.

             "Flowers" the word itself is enough to reveal a new world in front of us.If we go to check ,there are a lot of things to say about Flowers .Moreover it could be considered as another name for
           .   Beauty
           .   colours
           .   Friendship
           .   Soothness
           .   Happiness
           .   Pleasant Smell
           .   Softness
           .   There are endless terms one can say

      I would detail it later.However i want to tell you about the names of few Flowers.
        ROSES-There are a number of varieties but one thing i want to opine  is that Roses suits all occasions.Do anybody agree.They are requested to follow and comment on it.
        ORCHID - They do not fade easily.
        DALIA - They are consistent
        LILY - Vivid and smooth
        LOTUS - Divine, Floating,with an Openness.
Friends, enough stuff for today. Next time we meet to say something More detailed.
                                                          Thank you all and have a nice living.